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    How do I re-enable saving and undo functions in InDesign CS6?

    Mat Costin

      Hi all,


      Having a very frustrating problem with InDesign CS6 (old software I know but it's what the client requires) whereby the save options are greyed out and I am unable to undo. This will occur within 5-10 mins of using a file.

      The issue is not limited to a single file, I have tried multiple files, creating new and reopening archived to test the problem. I'm in an office of 6, CS6 is on a volume licence, I am the only one affected.


      I have tried the following to fix the issue:


      • Deleted preferences
      • Uninstalled (properly) then reinstalled
      • Signed out of creative cloud (we also run CC) in case it was causing an issue
      • Deactivated and used a trial version


      No matter what I do this same issue pops up. I thought perhaps I was being treated as a pirate of the software, hence deactivating and trying the trial version.


      The only way I can get round it is to export the file as an IDML, open it, then save over the original. This is a terrible way to work though as I'm still left with no way of undoing any actions and if Indd or my computer were to crash I would have lost any work since my last export.


      I'm out of ideas. I'm embarking on a project which will last three months, full on in Indd CS6, I can't afford the time or risk of this issue persisting, any suggestions welcome.