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    New Behance problem with Lightroom 5.6


      I have a problem with Behance and Lightroom 5.6. I have the wrong Adobe CC account linked to Behance and nothing I have done has fixed it. I believe it's a 5.6 bug. I do not have in the Lightroom Publishing Manager Under Behance account the option to log out. I mean it simply is not there not on the screen doesn't exist is invisible to the human eye. You ge the idea. Login is grayed out so it cannot be clicked on. and sign up does opens my browser and lets me sign in to either of my Adobe CC accounts but this does nothing for me. I believe this is simply a bug because I've seen a screen shot of publishing manager screen and in that screen shot it has logout, but now it's gone in 5.6. Is there a work around?



      It is not this problem

      Behance Plugin for LR not Authorizing in LR 5.6

      I had that problem too, but I fixed it.