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    Animated button for desktop and iPad

    Bart R

      I want to create an animated button. On desktop: when hovering the button it animates form an icon to text. When clicking you must go to a certain link. On mouse out it has to animate back to the icon. On an iPad you can't use hover, you should touch once and get the animation (to text), and touch again to go to the link. When touching an other button, the previous button shout animate again (to the icon), etc ...


      I'm fairly new to Adobe Edge Animate, and not such a good coder. I will be someday I hope ...


      This link will show you the squares (icons) so you could see what I'm talking about:


      NB: I start with unrotated squares, at the end I rotate the DIV 45°, els the 'hover/touch'-parts will overlap and not work properly.


      I hope that I'm clear   and that someone could help me out a little bit.