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      I downloaded a trial version of Contribute, now I find myself with an unasked-for FlashPaper menu and in all my Office applications. Do I REALLY have to go round each application individually and remove it??? Secondly, HOW THE HELL do I do it??? I've removed it from Word, since it appears in the Add-Ins window. I've given up looking for it elsewhere.

      Is this message in the wrong place? I don't care. If Adobe/Macromedia had given more thought to whether users would want to bother with the damn program when they were actually looking for something else, or even after that if they'd have allowed central control of where the bloody thing is installed then I'd have given more thought about looking around for an answer or posting a nice question in the right place. Don't bother answering, I'm not going to check. Contribute is being uninstalled as I speak and hopefully that'll be the end of it.