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    CS6 Trial, Flash Builder 4.7 and CC

    Chris Manuel Level 1

      Here's the overall circumstance:

      I have a new job with an employer that is using CS6 Master Collection. It is installed on my at work workstation as a trial. Inhouse support says a licence is on its way. I also have a CC licence personally.


      Here's what I wanted to achieve:

      - update Flash Builder 4.6 to 4.7 which is a free update under CS6


      Here's what I did:

      - I couldn't find the direct download for 4.7 so I signed into my CC account and downloaded and installed 4.7, assuming it would run under the CS6 trial


      Here's what happened:

      - Flash Builder wants to use the CC licence under which I downloaded it

      - I have already used the two installs for the CC licence (I run a Mac as my personal development machine with Parallels/Windows and have a CC licence running on the Mac and my second CC install running on the Windows partition on the Mac)

      - Flash Builder won't run unless I deactivate my other installs on my Mac

      - other CS6 apps are running under the trial licence


      Here's what I did to troubleshoot:

      - uninstalled CS6

      - uninstalled CC

      - downloaded the AdobeCreativeClouldCleanerTool

      - cleaned everything available under the tool

      - everything was removed except for the 64 bit Flash Builder 4.7 install

      - deleted the 4.7 install folder directly as there was no uninstaller available (Flash Builder was not listed under the Control Panels:Programs and Features)

      - re-installed CS6, including Flash Builder 4.6 (I'd given up on having 4.7 until my CS6 licence is established)

      - now Flash Builder 4.6 won't run at work unless I deactivate my CC licences on my personal Mac

      - all the other re-installed CS6 apps run under the trial


      To the questions:

      1) Is there any way to get Flash Builder 4.6 working again under the trial?

      2) Will Flash Builder 4.6 work under the CS6 licence once I have a serial number?

      3) Is there anyway to update Flash Builder to 4.7 and have it work with the CS6 serial number?