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    Best Method to link excel w/ Leader dots into indesign while retaining leaders?


      Currently have a large excel spreadsheet with ~1700 rows which are updated quarterly. I need this sheet (or sections) linked to a document in indesign.


      Current method (Dirty, but works):

      Have excel data.

      Linked Excel data into word. Add leader dots

      Link Word to Indesign


      Result: Leaders work fine in Indesign, but it kind of makes an extra step, so each different page of data needs to be updated manually.


      Other options:

      Have excel data.

      Link to Indesign.

      Manually add 'tab' and leader dots (through tab menu) within Indesign


      Result: Really nasty manual updating anytime the original excel spreadsheet is updated (happens often). Have to pretty much redo 16 pages of formatting each time I touch the original files, so like 45 min work.




      What I want to be able to do:

      Have excel data (with leader dots within - accomplished by custom cell properties '@*.' )

      Link to indesign

      Have the leader dots actually show up in indesign.


      Result: Any changes to excel already keep the leader dots in place, so no manual formatting is needed.





      How to configure the default cell padding when linking an excel sheet into indesign? I use custom cell padding for the excel data, so I still have to manually change it to top/bottom padding to 0.353 mm/0.706mm rather than the default 1.41mm.



      Could anyone help me out?