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    Help with a download please..



      I have download Adobe Flash player on my computer for uploading a picture for a website.


      This website makes me sure that I need to enable the pepflashplayer.dll and the NPSWF32.dll plug-in

      on the website about:plugins.

      I have a problem because I cant find the NPWSF32.dll plug-in.
      I'm using Windows.
      Can somebody please help me out ?


      Yours Sincerely,


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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Linda,


          Interesting that it would require you to have both, since only one is used at a time.  pepflashplayer.dll is the version of Flash Player embedded in Google Chrome.  NPSWF32.dll (Flash Player Plugin) is the non embedded version, and the version used by other non-Internet Explorer browsers.  You can get the Plugin version at http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions.  Select the OS (Windows) then select "Flash Player for Other Browsers".  Follow instructions for downloading and installing.