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    Edge and iPads, troubleshooting


      So i'm fairly new to the world of Edge Animate. I'm familiar with coding, animation, quite a bit actually.
      So I have created a demo to be touch-interaction only (for the iPad). So when I go to use Edge Inspect through Chrome, my animation just flashes uncontrollably when previewed in Chrome. I mean elements that aren't even supposed to be on the Stage yet are blinking like crazy and I cannot seem to pinpoint the issue. It should begging with a nice fade-in animation and then stop. But instead…


      Since i'm new to Edge Animate. I wanted to know if there was something that I was missing. Possibly a piece of code that's supposed to go at the start of the animation that i've completely missed or something? I can post screen grabs of any and all aspects if that helps?


      Thank you!