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    Button Highlight in Interactive PDF from InDesign CC

    pinkstonms Level 1

      I have designed an interactive PDF in InDesign CC. When I export and open with Acrobat the "buttons" have a Blue fill in them (Show border hover color for fields).


      I know I can go into my Acrobat preferences and turn this off however when I share the PDF with other users I don't want them to have to make these changes in their Acrobat preferences nor should I have to. I understand the highlight color is important when creating text fields for forms but it is an anoying and useless feature for "buttons"


      It also makes my custom buttons look like crap. Is there a way in InDesign to turn off the Highlight Color before exporting to Interactive PDF?


      See my screen capture below, you can see how it destroys my design.


      PDF problem.jpg