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    nexus 10 KitKat 4.4.4 problem downloading ADE


      Hi everyone,

      First I would like to apologize if a similar question has been discussed previously.

      I have purchased an e-book which successfully downloaded on my laptop but downloading on the android appears mission impossible for me. I have books on the android which are in PDF format and read them without a problem. For this book the publishes has sent me instructions regarding which I have to install Aldiko app which I did. Then to download ADE which I managed to but when I click on the link in my e-mail a window appears which is saying that due to an error the link cannot be opened.

      If anyone has encountered such a problem and managed to solve it could please share his/her experience.


      Thanks for the attention!

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          bhaugen Level 1

          Are you trying to download and install ADE for Android? This does not exist and Android cannot run the same executable files that Windows does.


          Or is this a problem with downloading Adobe Digital Editions on your computer running Windows? Have you tried the download link from Download | Adobe Digital Editions Home

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            ElenaElena Level 1

            Hi bhaugen,

            Yes, I have tried to download on the Android despite the fact that I know Android cannot run files which Windows does.

            I was trying that because of the fact that Android can read docx files and pdf and also the publisher instructed me that

            I am supposed to download ADE on it so it should be all right.

            I contacted the Publisher but they cannot handle.

            The problem is that the book is a study text for an exam and I wanted to use it on the Android.




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              bhaugen Level 1

              If you have downloaded the Aldiko reader for Android and have it installed you should be able to open your file within the Aldiko app. Were you able to transfer your ebook to your Android device?

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                ElenaElena Level 1

                I was thinking that Aldiko would be sufficient to read the book but the Publisher says that I need also ADE.


                I am unable to transfer the book from the laptop to the Android.


                Here are the instructions from the publisher:


                    Install Aldiko Book Reader App     



                Aldiko Book Reader Version 2.0.2 onto your device. Aldiko is

                available for free or as a paid app from the Android Market at the

                following link:  

                        Aldiko Book Reader via Android Market    



                       Install Adobe Digital Editions     

                      Install Adobe Digital Editions to your computer for free from the following link:  



                installation, you are prompted to ‘Authorize Computer’. If you do not

                already have an Adobe ID, click the link in the next section to get one.  



                       Create an Adobe ID     

                      Create an Adobe Digital Editions ID at the following link:  


                       Note   : You must authorize both Adobe Digital Editions and the Aldiko app with your Adobe ID.  



                       Authorize Aldiko App with your Adobe ID     

                      Before you transfer an eBook to Aldiko, you must authorize the app with your Adobe Digital Editions ID.  

                       To Authorize the App:     

                       Open the Aldiko app from your devices applications menu.     Tap the


                button on your device and select

                Settings .     Tap

                Adobe DRM

                and authorize the app with the Adobe ID you created.   

                      Your device is now authorized to read eBooks.  



                Transfer the eBook to your device   


                downloading the eBook to your computer, you must find the (.pdf or

                .epub) file on your computer and transfer it to the device.  

                      Digital Editions stores your eBook files in a default location on your computer:  

                       On OSX   : your-home-directory/Documents/Digital Editions

                  On Windows : your-home-directory/My Documents/My Digital Editions  

                      Once you have located your eBook file, you can transfer it to a folder on the SD card or internal memory of your device.  

                       To transfer the eBook to your Android device:     

                       Plug your device into your computer and locate the internal or SD card memory of the device.     Navigate to the


                folder in your device's memory.   

                       Note   : The eBooks folder is created when you install the Aldiko app.  

                       From the

                (My) Digital Editions

                folder in your computer, locate the eBook you downloaded (ePUB or PDF file) and drag and drop it into the


                folder on your device.     Disconnect your device from the computer.     Open the Aldiko Book Reader app and navigate to the Home screen by tapping the


                icon in the top left corner of the screen.     Tap

                SD card

                on the Home screen menu.     Select the


                folder on the SD card screen and tap the eBook you added to the folder.     Tap

                Import to Aldiko .   

                      The eBook is imported into the Aldiko application and added to the Shelf View of available eBooks.

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                  bhaugen Level 1

                  Oh okay, the publisher is telling you that you need Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and Aldiko on your Android device, not that you need both Adobe Digital Editions and Aldiko on your Android device.


                  If you have the ebook in Adobe Digital Editions you should be able to connect your Android device to your computer and follow their instructions for "Transfer the eBook to your device". Have you tried following their instructions for this part?

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                    ElenaElena Level 1

                    This the first thing I did. Without installing ADE on the Android but installed Aldiko and tried to

                    transfer the book from the laptop to the Android but it appears that I am missing something.

                    Then because I didn't manage I tried to install ADE.

                    And yes I have the e-book in the ADE library but just cannot transfer.


                    Thanks for the attention!