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    pop up text

    ACS-ROB Level 1
      Is there a way to create a mouse roll over pop up in RoboHelp 5??
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          Roger N Level 2
          Robert -

          I wonder if you've already answered your own question?

          I'll assume you haven't, and that you're using RoboHtml:

          To make a mouseover popup, go ahead and make your popup in the usual way; In Wyswyg mode, go to Insert, Popup, and make your choices. Click OK. This way, it will pop up if you hover or click. Highlight the popup text. This makes it easy to find in TrueCode.

          Go into your TrueCode; you'll see someting like this:

          <a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('../2nd_Topic.htm');"
          id=a2>popop</a><!--begin!kadov{{--><script type="text/javascript"


          ...insert an extra onmouseover statement, like so:

          <p><a href="javascript:BSSCPopup('../2nd_Topic.htm');"

          ... and you should be good to go.