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    Something super weird with my kerning

    BrieBurnham Level 1

      Occasionally I'll get this super weird thing with my kerning. It will happen suddenly, sometimes I'll be turned away and then look back and all the text on screen looks like this:

      Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 2.38.34 PM.png

      Sometimes it happens to all the text, other times just to some of it. I've tried reapplying the particular paragraph style I'm using, and double checking (but again, this doesn't happen as the result of anything, I'll sometimes just be scooting images around and then notice). In addition to that, sometimes my mouse will just disappear and will only come back after I've clicked into another application and then clicked back in to InDesign. I'm using CS5 by the way, and wondering if there is some sort of bug? I just got a new computer and migration assistant-ed my OLD system over to this one. Could something have happened?


      Hopefully someone can help me out with this, I'm on a super tight deadline and this keeps setting me back