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    Trouble with slides moving on timeline in Elelments 12


      Hi, My name is Don. Still a newbie. I was creating a video and have two short .mov videos as an intro. Then I started to add my slides to the same timeline. All seemed to be going good, even tough I had trouble with the duration in each slide, I got up to slide 15, and then no matter where I moved   my mouse the slides kept moving out of order, even though I had not right or left clicked. So, slide fifteen moved ahead of slide seven and slide one ended up last (Just an example) No matter what I tried to do they kept moving around.


      I need to find out what I am doing wrong, as I still have to add narration and music. What I thought might take me a day has already consumed my week.


      Please help.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Never hesitate to ask a question or to ask for clarification here. We are glad for the opportunity to be of assistance.


          What you are encountering when you go to add to an existing Timeline is to be expected unless....


          Hold down the Alt key of the computer main keyboard as you drag the file into place on the existing Timeline. This maneuver

          will avoid disturbances to the existing Timeline.


          Sometimes if you want to keep a group of clips under control as you make your moves and changes, you can select all the clips for the

          group and then use the Group command on them. Thereafter the group will move as a group. See Clip Menu/Group and Ungroup commands.

          Premiere Elements does not have a locked track feature.


          Practice selecting a group of clips all at one time by drawing a rectangle with the mouse cursor from the top right edge of a group of clips diagonally downward to the lower left of the group.


          You might find this free video tutorial on "keyboard modifiers" interesting in this regard.

          Premiere Elements: Arranging clips on the Timeline using modifier keys | lynda.com - YouTube

          It is provided for informational rather than promotional purposes.


          Please review and then let us know the outcome.


          Thank you.



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            DonatHome Level 1

            Hello ATR,


            I tried both your suggestions.




            First I tried holding down the Alt Key and everything seemed to work until I got to the very end. Feeling successful I took the placement marker and began sliding it back to the beginning to play and make sure I had all slides in order. When I arrived at the beginning all slides were messed up again.


            Next, I looked at the video on YouTube and maybe after some rest, I will go back and look, as it was a little confusing to me. It has been a  very long day.


            Previously I had played around with my sons Camtasia and had some success with that as they show they slide numbers and that made things a little easier. But that caused me some problems too.


            I will have to rest as I am a newbie and also retired, so am new to this all.  I will be away during the day this weekend but will hit it hard at night and or Monday morning. I have to complete this video soon.


            I might have to get back to you, if you don't mind. Do I do it through this e-mail or do I try to log in again and hope to find the discussion?


            Thank you for your time and help.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply. I would be glad for the opportunity to help you create the Premiere Elements project that you seek.


              You can always contact me through the private message here at the Adobe Forums. But, sometimes I still get lost trying to figure

              out how to use that feature of the forum when I really need it. I am getting there.


              To find your thread again, you could copy/paste the link to your thread page here to some place on your computer.

              If you are signed up for email notifications of new posts in your thread, then try opening the email notification to open your thread.


              I will be watching for your progress and then decide what next.






              Add On, reflections....you were doing well with the Alt technique. I think you need to explore that more. But, if you continue to run into

              problems in the existing Timeline getting disturbed by the additions to it, maybe you posting a screenshot of your Timeline might help me to plan some

              sort of strategy for the moves. There are some shortcuts that might come in handy...if you want to get back to the beginning of the Timeline, press

              the Home key of the computer keyboard. If you want to get to the end of the Timeline content, then press the End key.

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                DonatHome Level 1

                Hi ATR,


                I hope you had a blessed weekend.


                I finished the video part of the project and saved it.


                I now have to add my narration and music.


                I tried once before to do my narration using Audacity as a friend showed me how to make my (Bad) voice sound better and with more clarity. It worked but somehow when I added it a new track in Elements 12, I somehow messed up the audio on my video . My video consisted of two short .mov video introductions, and 19 slides.


                I tried to do Audacity again reading from a script but it came out to fast with no pause between slides and too fast. I know I am trying to learn all these new programs  and as a newbie at my age it is not so easy for me.


                So, I started from scratch and thanks to you finally got the video and slides finished in Elements 12.


                However, the narration track is right underneath my two .mov video/audio intros, and I don't want to mess up again.


                1.  Does elements 12 have a way to clean up my voice and give more clarity like audacity?

                     Should I use Elements instead of Audacity?

                     How can I be sure I am only recording on the narration track?


                2.  Do I do the Narration first and then add music?


                I have looked at video tutorials this time and the last several times, and my mind is just not catching everything.


                I hope you can help.






                PS: I did try to go to the forum, and all I saw was my post. Am I supposed to copy and add my e-mails to you and paste?????

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Sounds like good news. Great job.


                  Good news and not so good news about adding narration to your project. If you have your project at a good point with everything else and just need to add narration, you may want to do a tryout run with a copy of the original project.


                  There is a strange Premiere Elements 12 happening regarding audio loss from numbered audio tracks and soundtrack when narration is added to the project using the Premiere Elements Narration Tool. The following link tells the story and fixes that have worked for many.

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE12: Audio Losses After Narration Addition

                  The above does not happen when narration is created in Audacity and then imported into Premiere Elements project as source media with Add Media/Files and Folders.


                  When you use the Premiere Elements Narration Tool, the narration will be placed automatically in the Narration Track, no where else.

                  Probably, it would be easier using the Premiere Elements Narration Tool to create narrations specific to video portions...if you can stay clear of the Narration Tool issue that I referred to.


                  When in doubt, proceed carefully, with a Alt hold down as you make your Timeline content additions and movements.


                  You have made great progress. The Premiere Elements learning curve does have its gaps in it. Often an explanation, long or short, is missing a word that is the key to understanding the whole concept being sought. It happens to us all. It is our goal to find that "word" sooner than later.


                  Look into the Premiere Elements audio effects and their descriptions in Effects Reference

                  Adobe Premiere Elements 11 * Effects reference

                  Maybe NewBlue Audio Polish


                  For thread replies, instead of copy/paste, just click on Reply in a post in your thread here in the forum, type in your reply, and hit Add Reply.


                  We will be watching for your further progress when your schedule permits.


                  Best wishes