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    snapping on timeline leaves a lot to be desired

    Arrakis Level 1

      In the timeline I am trying to set out my layers. I have a about 50.    Im finding it very tedious every time I want to snap my layer to a keyframe or point in time I have to zoom the timeline way in.  So Im constantly zooming in to snap then back out to see where Im at.   Why does snapping not work unless zoomed way in?    Also sometimes you think you have snapped the timeline indicator to the end or beginning of the layer but then when you zoom in further its often not in the right position at all but one or two frames out.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you holding down the shift key? You can precisely snap to the in and out point of layers or the CTI by simply holding down the shift key while dragging. You can snap to Timeline markers, Layer Markers or keyframes by either dragging the layer, the keyframe or the CTI to the nearest of each. If you want to jump between keyframes then reveal the keyframes and use the j key to go to the previous one or the k key to go to the next. The J and K key will also jump to the next or previous marker. The I and O key will snap to the in or out point of selected layers.


          These are basic skills anyone can gain if they take some time to go through the help files or do any basic interface training. Typing 'navigating timeline' into the Search After Effects Help field at the top right corner brings up all kinds of resources. Adobe - Search: navigate%20timeline. Pay particular attention to the first two links.