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    Fireworks reactive zone without tools




      Is it possible to create a web sensitive zone on a sélection without create all point with polygone web tool?

      Ex on a map you use magique selection Tools, you have selection and how could directly transform that selection into a sensitive web zone with coords for HTML...


      It's could be so simple, better that select all point off sensitive zone with web polygonal Tools....


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          DohetPh Level 1

          Hi again,


          It could be the coords of a trace like selected here... Fireworks could be give the coords for that selection?


          coords="264,193,263,192,262,192,259,192,259,192,258,192,258,190,257,191,255,191,254,193,254,195, 253,196,252,194,251,193,251,193,247,197,246,196,244,196,243,195,242,195,239,198,236,198,.. .......


          Thank you

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