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    Indexing Verity Collection from Complex Query

      I have a DB query which is composed of multiple tables, and as such, there isn't a way to uniquely identify each record (no primary key). To index the collection using a query, it must have a primary key, but since one does not exist, I cannot perform this operation. I have read that using the cfindex attributes "custom1,custom2,custom3,custom4" might be useful, but I have not fully understood how to use them properly.

      Other ideas I have are creating a table with a primary key and dumping the query data into it, but this seems more trouble than its worth. Also, I tried using SQL's newID() while creating the query, but this changes the ID of each record everytime the query is called.

      Has anyone had similar issues and been able to come up with a solution?

      Any help would be appreciated!

      Thank you.