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    Dynamic variable as a path problem.


      I’ve established that I needed a path /flashcontent/screens.swf to use with loadmovie like so, loadMovie(“/flashcontent/screens.swf”,_root.Empty_MC); and this works. What I wanted to do was use a variable in my path like this…

      varpath = “/flashcontent/”;

      …this works fine!

      What doesn’t work is if I use _root._url and make it more dynamic. I split the path down to just the “/flashcontent/” and made varpath equal that.

      varpath = thesplitDownpath;

      I have traced to see what the differences are but the variables are the same i.e. both strings, char length the same and also made two different variables and compared the paths to see if they equalled each other and that was true.

      I must be missing something here!

      Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

      Cheers Simon.