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    Recover after reinstalling Windows

    eschurr Level 1

      My installation of Windows 7 was corrupted and i had to reinstall it, and all of the programs along with it. All of my data (pictures, catalog, etc) was on a separate hard drive that was untouched.  I've got Lightroom up and running without much effort, but the color coding of my photos is gone; they all show grey.  This is very important because i use the color codes to drive my workflow and publishing rules.


      i recall something about how certain aspects of LR are not in the catalog, but i can't remember what i'm supposed to do to get them back. I searched the forum but i'm not finding the information easily.  Can anyone help?


      BTW, Adobe should make this easier with some kind of backup/recovery tool.   it's common for folks to have to reinstall Windows.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          You don't say what you did to get Lightroom up and running ... what steps did you follow?


          The color codes should be in the Lightroom catalog

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            eschurr Level 1

            Thank you very much for your help.    Here's what i did to get where I am:


            1.  My photos and catalog were on the D: drive and unaffected when i reinstalled Windows.

            2. I reinstalled LR on my C: drive and got the license reestablished

            3.  I double-clicked on the catalog on the D: drive and it came up along with my pictures



            and here's how things are:


            1.  all my pictures are grey.  Previously i had modified the labels for each color to give a meaning to "red", "green," etc. 

            2.  in the catalog, the item "store presets with this catalog" is UNchecked.  I don't know why, and now i'm thinking i should check it but i will wait for your advice first.

            3. if the label sets were stored on the C: drive, they are gone now.

            4.  I was using Matt Dawson's LR backup and i stored those on my D: drive so i'm hoping that will save me somehow.  I don't really know how to restore from that backup and I'm waiting to hear from Matt.  If i recall correctly, it's a manual process, which is OK with me if i can just understand how to do it.


            any suggestions?