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    How can I find the script/code that is causing entries into http.log?


      CF9.01: I see undesired entries in http.log. The appear to be generated by some hostile code on the server. But the log does not show which file generated the log entry. Is there a way to determine this? I have text-searched for hard coded links as shown in the examples below but found none.


      I am using IIS6. Examples of the unwanted

      "Information","jrpp-34","08/20/14","21:43:52",,"Starting HTTP request {URL='http://www.stopforumspam.com:80/api?ip=', method='GET'}"


      The referenced IP is not on our system.


      Another: "Information","jrpp-41","08/20/14","23:23:57",,"Starting HTTP request {URL='http://3264335898:80/n/a.txt', method='get'}"