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    Since installing Creative Cloud my computer randomly crashes or reboots.


      I installed Creative Cloud several days ago with the intention of purchasing, however I no longer can leave my computer on as it will crash or reboot. It is further absolutely asinine that I cannot talk to someone about this problem and have to use the forum. As an aside, there is an absolutely insane number of Adobe programs now loading automatically on start-up. I did not ask for this crapware to start automatically, and I'm not sure why you think that this is acceptable.


      Sometimes after leaving my computer, it will already have rebooted; sometimes I have to hard power-off and power-on; and other times AdobeIPCBroker.exe has accessed memory that it wasn't supposed to access. When I start up I try to kill AdobeIPCBroker.exe since it is causing problems, but it automatically restarts.