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    How can I remove a corrupted master page?


      I have eight chapters of my book laid out with no apparent errors, but only after working through many mistakes in trying to get my running footer to work.  For the ninth chapter I decided to reformat a new master page.  I so doing, I made some corrections by deleting and then replacing certain elements of my running footer.  When I finally got it right and applied it to my pages, the footer came out appearing heavily overprinted.  In searching the User Guide for my error I discovered that I had corrupted my file by using the delete key when I should have used a procedure to detach items from the master page.


      In an effort to correct this I was able to remove the master from the pages by applying the "none" master, but the pages still carry the "A" in the corner of their icon.  I find no way to totally remove the corrupted master spread.  When I try to apply one of the master pages from a previous chapter my pages have the same overprinted footer as before.  I would like to delete the whole document and start over, but I don't know how to get rid of the mess I have made of this.