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    Import text into a form from a tab delimited file using an action

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      Good evening.

      I am using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro


      I have been working all weekend so far on this, and have tried many options.


      What I am wanting is to import a line of data from an excel file into a form, save the file with a name drived from the form fields, close the new file, then go back to the original file, import a line of data, and so on and so on.


      I had all of this working in livecyle with a tool, but now that we are going to Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013, the driver that I need to load the excel file into the form is not available--so now I have to redo the forms in Adobe and import using a tab delimited file.


      I would like to do this with an action.


      Thus far, I have the following.

      **Credit goes to George Johnson who helped me with the script to save the file using field names a few months ago**

      To start, I have a folder level script


      mySaveAs = app.trustPropagatorFunction(function(doc,path)



      var myDoc = event.target;




      myTrustedSpecialTaskFunc = app.trustedFunction(function(doc,path)


      //privileged and/or non-privileged code above


      mySaveAs(doc, path);


      //Privileged and/or non-privileged code below



      For the Action, I start with the Form file loaded


      Then I execute a javascript to import the text into the file.




      The next step is to save the file using field names as part of the file name

      --credit goes to George Johnson who assisted me with this on a similar project a few months ago.


      //Get the Field Value

      var fn=getField("Last").valueAsString + "-" + getField("First").valueAsString;


      //Specify the folder

      var fldr = "/c/data/";


      //Determine the full path

      var fp=fldr + fn + ".pdf";


      //save the file

      myTrustedSpecialTaskFunc(this, fp);


      That is as far as I have gotten. 


      What I want to do now is load the original form file, import the next line into the form, save the file, repeat.


      If anyone could assist me, I would greatly appreciate it.

      **note  I had to type this from my I-pad because I kept getting kicked off the internet from my computer.  I hope my code is typed correctly.