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    problems after Robohelp 6 install

    Laura Sala
      Hi there,
      I converted to Robohelp 6 on Sunday. Now I can't compile. Adobe is working on the problem. I'm trying to cover my *** in case they are unable to fix the problem. I didn't create a backup of my project before I converted to Robohelp 6, so i can't just uninstall Robohelp 6, reinstall X5, and pretend like the whole thing never happened (i know, not backing up was pretty stupid on my part...I followed the install instructs. verbatim, which didn't include creating a backup...but of course i should've known better).

      So in an attempt to have a backup plan, what I've done so far is, I've uninstalled Robohelp 6, reinstalled Robhelp X5, and I've decompiled a .chm that was created in X5. But of course I lost my conditional build tags (i didn't have a glossary, so no issue there). So I'd like to copy just the conditional build tag file from my original project...but that file is now converted to Robohelp 6. Could I nevertheless copy it into my new project (the decompiled .chm) or would there be a compatibility issue? If this is possible, what is the file name of the conditional build tags?

      By the way, the new project file (from the decompiled .chm) is only about 70 megs, whereas my original project file (the one that's been converted to Robohelp 6) was over 500 megs. Why is the project SO much smaller now? Looks like all the topics and images are intact...but just wondering why the dramatic size difference...The .chm i used for decompiling was itself 43 megs...

      Laura S.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          I believe The Getting Started Guide that ships with RH does recommend backing up and so does the guide I wrote that Adobe additionally published. Still it's a bit late for that.

          You should be able to get away with creating tags in your new project with EXACTLY the same names as you had before. See the topic on my site about Reverse Engineering.

          The new project will have a new CPD file and they do get bloated over time so don't worry about that if it's all working OK.

          What you haven't covered is why you cannot compile. Does your project have some tables with merged cells by any chance? What goes wrong when you compile?

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            Laura Sala Level 1
            Peter, thanks much for the info.

            When i try to compile, i get an error that Robohelp has encountered a problem and needs to close. There were also some errors in the compiler...i think they were 5003 errors? i can't remember now.

            Yes, I do have tables with merged cells.

            Thanks again,

            p.s. I found the place in the Getting Started Guide where it DOES say to copy and move the project. I simply read it as moving my project to a separate location from the program files, which i did....but indeed it says to COPY AND move. I stand corrected.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              Take a look at Snippet 69 on my site. I think that will explain your problem. Adobe Support have been made aware of it.

              See if that is the problem.
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                Laura Sala Level 1
                I just got off the phone with Adobe...my problem is indeed related to conditional build tags. Here's what Adobe told me to do (Bobby in tech support) : create a new project in R6, import the .chm file i mentioned earlier, and try compiling. Then I'll create a backup (lord knows I WILL create a backup this time), then try your procedure for getting my conditional build tags back (in the reverse engineering section of your website). If it's a go, then i'm practically back to where i started and life is good. If it's not a go, then i'll manually recreate build tags (using different names than before). Also i'll make sure my images look ok, and that my Windows, Index, and TOC are there.

                thanks again!!!
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                  You've got a good guy in Support. I'm not sure why he has suggested importing the CHM as you already have a RH6 project but I do know he will have a good reason. Is there a bit more you haven't covered. If doing that then allows you to compile without touching your merged cell tables, please do post back here.

                  If I am understanding you correctly what you are saying is that the project will not compile at the moment but if you import a CHM from when it was last generated in X5, then Adobe believe the project will then work. Correct?

                  If you should still have the problem, again post back. We are all keen to find solutions to this one.

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                    Laura Sala Level 1
                    Bobby suggested decompiling the chm because apparently i have a corrupt conditional build tag. Using a copy of my project, he tried to delete that build tag but couldn't...so to get a clean project without that corrupt build tag, he suggested decompiling the .chm.

                    You are correct, the project wouldn't compile in Robo6, but with a chm generated in X5 decompiled, the project does seem to be working (it compiles fine now). 'Course, I lost all my conditional build tags (topic level). Plus any topics with tables with merged cells are hosed (the merged cells are gone...just the non-merged cells are left). I have a call into Bobby about this...Of course i don't want to start re-importing those topics with merged cells from my original project file, for fear they'll hose the new project. Oh, and i also noticed that attaching conditional build tags in RH6 is REALLY slow...another thing i'll be mentioning to Bobby when he calls.

                    Thanks again.
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                      Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
                      You can have merged cells but subject to the conditions set out in Snippet 69. Bobby is aware of the problem so best we leave it with the official channels.

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                        Laura Sala Level 1
                        Adobe has concluded that my problem is merged cells in conjunction with conditional build tags (snipped 68 on Peter Grainge's site). They want me to follow Peter's solution (add a column on far right of each offending table).

                        Well, since this fix will take me days to complete, i wanted to be sure it's going to work, so i tried an experiment. Using a test copy of my project, i deleted all the topics with tables with merged cells. I proved that they were all gone by running a multi-file find/replace and searched for "<td_null> and got "no matches found." So then I tried compiling a chm file using a single source layout with a conditional build expression. It fails. I get "robohelp has encountered an error and must close" which is the same error i was getting before i removed the tables with merged cells...

                        It seems to me I've proven that the fix (adding a column on extreme right) won't work in my case...that there must be something else going on that's causing the compile to fail. I have sent an email to Adobe to tell them about my test, but it might be a few days until i hear back (that's been the pattern thus far) so i thought I'd post this to see if anyone has any feedback for me.

                        thanks much,
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                          RoboWizard Level 4
                          Hi Laura

                          Out of curiosity, did you delete all topics containing tables? I ask because I'm not sure I'd rely on what you find using the RoboHelp Multi-File Find and Replace tool. Sometimes it has issues.

                          if Peter reports something or tells you something does or does not work, it's as good as money in the bank!

                          Cheers... Rick
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                            Laura Sala Level 1
                            Hi Rick,
                            Good point. I did NOT delete all topics with tables. There are a few others, but i assumed they were OK since they didn't come up on my search for <td_null>. But if the Mulitfile Find/Replace tool has issues, then that's a different story...

                            Thanks, i'll give it a try.
                            By the way, I hope it didn't sound like I was doubting Peter's procedure. i just thought maybe there was something else going on in my case. I know Peter's words are as good as gold
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                              Laura Sala Level 1
                              Hi again,
                              Just wanted to make one final post...
                              Bobby from Adobe says the reason I didn't find any more <td_null> tags is that they were parsed out when I decompiled the .chm file to recreate my project. So now I'm proceeding with Peter Grainge's "snippet 68" solution and everything seems to be working.
                              Peter, I can't thank you enough.