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    Adobe get your act together, Updating and installation issues for years!


      Ok in brief because im really in the mood to have a rant otherwise.


      For literally years now every time i go to update Adobe Flash Player i encounter a ridiculous fiasco of hunting around, Googling, being redirected around and around in circles, before every time i give up and have to waste another moment of my life hunting down the 'Offline' installer just to update the bloody thing.


      This thread is almost exactly my problem every time; Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla (ver.30) will not download

      Except with me when i double click the exe absolutely nothing happens. Zilch, nada, nothing. Checking my running processes in Task Manager shows 'install_flashplayer14x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe' just sitting there. I can't even kill the process through Task Manager, i have to use something like Process Explorer or log out and in again.


      I have searched and searched trying to find out the why of this, unless it is some evil sadistic plan by Adobe to be my constant torment.


      Now i know, before anyone jumps in with the 'answer', to use the 'Offline installer' but that doesn't actually tell me why the supposed installer install_flashplayer14x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe never actually executes!?!

      And secondly, why not have a link on the Install Adobe Flash Player webpage saying "Having trouble with the installer? Click here for the Offline Installer"!!!???? Further more, how about a link on this very discussion page saying "Want to ask a new question? Click here to register..." instead of having to search for the instructions to create an account to be able to do it!


      I don't have a PhD in computer science or whatever the bloody relevant Degree is, but im also not so technically challenged to not be able to check running services, ensure that its not something to do with any Antivirus or UAC preventing the exe running, and my system is very well looked after and maintained so its not some random hung process or service causing it.


      So ultimately my question is; Why doesn't the installer actually run? And why with such a large unavoidable 'plugin' like Flash Player, can't Adobe be more user friendly in adding a couple of extra hyperlinks around the place to help their customers navigate and install their software? Or hell, i don't know, maybe even a Contact Us link!? Thank you, semi-rant finished and looking forward to some helpful answers....inactiveforumnotifier john253