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    Should be packing my suitcase! Leaving for

    Alex Dinius

      Should be packing my suitcase! But my nice laptop needs repair, so I bought an Android 4.4. I was used to drawing small format on our boat. Then got digital 7" Graphite when then they came on market. Worked in small town newspaper non digital days, draw to size, overlay light table, rapidograph ink metal ruler, scapel, hand waxer, burnesh in place, go answer phone, come bank scoot cat off light table use tweezers remove cat hair straighten lines of words,  That was just part of my part in year 1983, sea side community of Westport, Wa.

      Boy nostalgia, l haven't had a vacation since then.  I am going to Maui with my daughter,son-inlaw and19mo old grand son. This is the site of their honeymoon, same beach side motel he spent fun vactions with his parents,though they have been back, l haven't been off continent, ever!

      My old Elements l became suite very proficient at and found following versions wanted to take the FUN out of doing the art work and didn't give you moneys worth (sorry but true, each new version was a dumbed down version of the previous one) l was getting smarter, but had another mouth to feed, not your problem, just that the in town office was impractical.

      Just looking for a decent photo editing program for my NEXTBOOK 4.4 ANDROID 7" TABLET. HAPPENING? IF SO WHAT? WHERE ? ADOBE? ANDROID?