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    How can zoom into an image by dragging?


      Dear all,


      There is a checkbox to zoom an image by dragging. It is disabled. How can I activate this checkbox?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Scrubby zoom requires suitable hardware acceleration to be available. Since you have not provided any system info or details like the relevant preference settings nor actually told us your PS version we can't know anything.



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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            You mean Scrubby Zoom?


            You need to have an image open, of course.


            Also, the Use Graphics Processor needs to be enabled in Photoshop(Edit)>Preferences>Performance

            (restart photoshop after checking the Use Graphics Processor box)

            (Photoshop cs5 is Enable OpenGL Drawing)



            Which operating system and version of photoshop are you using?


            Do you know how much vram your graphics card has?

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              Paradiddle13 Level 1

              Dear Mylenium and2014-08-24 10_13_59-Eigenschappen van ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1).png



              I'm using PS CC and Windows 8.0.

              To be specific:



              Versie Adobe Photoshop: 2014.1.0 20140730.r.148 2014/07/30:23:59:59  x64


              Besturingssysteem: Windows 8 64 bits

              Versie: 6.2

              Systeemarchitectuur: AMD CPU-familie:15, Model:2, Stepping:0 met MMX, SSE-integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX

              Aantal fysieke processors: 3

              Aantal logische processors: 6

              Snelheid processor: 3516 MHz

              Ingebouwd geheugen: 7678 MB

              Beschikbaar geheugen: 3712 MB

              Hoeveelheid beschikbaar geheugen voor Photoshop: 6649 MB

              Geheugen in gebruik door Photoshop: 70 %

              Afdrukken in 3D met meerdere tonen: Uitgeschakeld.

              Aanraakbewegingen: Uitgeschakeld.

              Windows 2x UI: Uitgeschakeld.

              Blokgrootte van afbeelding: 132 kB

              Niveaus voor afbeeldingscache: 4

              Lettertypevoorvertoning: Normaal

              TextComposer: Latijn

              Scherm: 1

              Grenzen: boven= 0, links= 0, onder= 1080, rechts= 1920

              OpenGL-tekenen: Uitgeschakeld.

              OpenGL-modus Oude GPU's toestaan: Niet gedetecteerd.



              Type licentie: Abonnement

              Serienummer: 96040001420706274934

              Toepassingsmap: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\

              Tijdelijk bestandspad: C:\Users\HENKJA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\

              Werkgeheugen van Photoshop heeft asynchrone I/O ingeschakeld


              C:\, 487,9 GB, 390,0 GB vrij

              Map met vereiste plug-ins: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Required\Plug-Ins\

              Primaire map voor plug-ins: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Plug-ins\

              Geïnstalleerde componenten:

                 A3DLIBS.dll   A3DLIB Dynamic Link Library  

                 ACE.dll   ACE 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 adbeape.dll   Adobe APE 2013/02/04-09:52:32   0.1160850   0.1160850

                 AdbePM.dll   PatchMatch 2014/04/23-10:46:55   79.554276   79.554276

                 AdobeLinguistic.dll   Adobe Linguisitc Library   8.0.0  

                 AdobeOwl.dll   Adobe Owl 2014/03/05-14:49:37   5.0.33   79.552883

                 AdobePDFL.dll   PDFL 2014/03/04-00:39:42   79.510482   79.510482

                 AdobePIP.dll   Adobe Product Improvement Program  

                 AdobeXMP.dll   Adobe XMP Core 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772

                 AdobeXMPFiles.dll   Adobe XMP Files 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772

                 AdobeXMPScript.dll   Adobe XMP Script 2014/01/13-19:44:00   79.155772   79.155772

                 adobe_caps.dll   Adobe CAPS   8,0,0,13  

                 AGM.dll   AGM 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 ahclient.dll    AdobeHelp Dynamic Link Library   1,8,0,31  

                 amtlib.dll   AMTLib (64 Bit) BuildVersion: 8.0; BuildDate: Tue May 27 2014 22:3:7)   1.000000

                 ARE.dll   ARE 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 AXE8SharedExpat.dll   AXE8SharedExpat 2013/12/20-21:40:29   79.551013   79.551013

                 AXEDOMCore.dll   AXEDOMCore 2013/12/20-21:40:29   79.551013   79.551013

                 Bib.dll   BIB 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 BIBUtils.dll   BIBUtils 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 boost_date_time.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 boost_signals.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 boost_system.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 boost_threads.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 cg.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  

                 cgGL.dll   NVIDIA Cg Runtime   3.0.00007  

                 CIT.dll   Adobe CIT

                 CITThreading.dll   Adobe CITThreading

                 CoolType.dll   CoolType 2014/04/14-23:42:44   79.554120   79.554120

                 dvaaudiodevice.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvacore.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvamarshal.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvamediatypes.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvametadata.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvametadataapi.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvametadataui.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvaplayer.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvatransport.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvaui.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dvaunittesting.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 dynamiclink.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 ExtendScript.dll   ExtendScript 2014/01/21-23:58:55   79.551519   79.551519

                 icucnv40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2013/02/25-15:59:15    Build gtlib_4.0.19090  

                 icudt40.dll   International Components for Unicode 2013/02/25-15:59:15    Build gtlib_4.0.19090  

                 igestep30.dll   IGES Reader  

                 imslib.dll   IMSLib DLL  

                 JP2KLib.dll   JP2KLib 2014/03/12-08:53:44   79.252744   79.252744

                 libifcoremd.dll   Intel(r) Visual Fortran Compiler   10.0 (Update A)  

                 libiomp5md.dll   Intel(R) OpenMP* Runtime Library   5.0  

                 libmmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0  

                 LogSession.dll   LogSession  

                 mediacoreif.dll   photoshopdva   8.0.0  

                 MPS.dll   MPS 2014/03/25-23:41:34   79.553444   79.553444

                 pdfsettings.dll   Adobe PDFSettings   1.04  

                 Photoshop.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1  

                 Plugin.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1  

                 PlugPlugExternalObject.dll   Adobe(R) CEP PlugPlugExternalObject Standard Dll (64 bit)   5.0.0  

                 PlugPlugOwl.dll   Adobe(R) CSXS PlugPlugOwl Standard Dll (64 bit)  

                 PSArt.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1  

                 PSViews.dll   Adobe Photoshop CC 2014   15.1  

                 SCCore.dll   ScCore 2014/01/21-23:58:55   79.551519   79.551519

                 ScriptUIFlex.dll   ScriptUIFlex 2014/01/20-22:42:05   79.550992   79.550992

                 svml_dispmd.dll   Intel(r) C Compiler, Intel(r) C++ Compiler, Intel(r) Fortran Compiler   12.0  

                 tbb.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 2, 2013, 1114  

                 tbbmalloc.dll   Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks for Windows   4, 2, 2013, 1114  

                 TfFontMgr.dll   FontMgr  

                 TfKernel.dll   Kernel  

                 TFKGEOM.dll   Kernel Geom  

                 TFUGEOM.dll   Adobe, UGeom©  

                 updaternotifications.dll   Adobe Updater Notifications Library (BuildVersion: 1.0; BuildDate: BUILDDATETIME)

                 VulcanControl.dll   Vulcan Application Control Library  

                 VulcanMessage5.dll   Vulcan Message Library  

                 WRServices.dll   WRServices Fri Mar 07 2014 15:33:10   Build 0.20204   0.20204

                 wu3d.dll   U3D Writer  


              Plus printscreen of my graphic card which doesn't seem to mention any Vram capabilities




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                Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                Are you using a laptop or desktop?


                Since photoshop reports that OpenGL Drawing: Disabled. in the system info you posted

                OpenGL-tekenen: Uitgeschakeld.

                You probably need to update your graphics card drivers from the amd website or the maker of your computer, since the installed drivers are way out of date.

                (windows almost always installs out of date drivers for graphics cards)



                But even if you do update your graphics card drivers, you may not still have all the open gl functions, since that card is kinda old.

                Have you tried going to Edit>Preferences>Performance in photoshop and checking Use Graphics Processor?


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                  Paradiddle13 Level 1

                  Dear mr Kelly,


                  I'm using a desktop.

                  Indeed Open GL drawing is not activated.


                  I've tried updating to the Catalyst


                  2014-08-24 21_37_26-Downloads.png

                  suite resulting in this download but when I run this download my computer restarts, because it can't be executed.


                  Yes, I tried going to Edit> Preferences > Performance but activating Use Graphics Processor is greyed out.


                  I'm supposed you're right if you say it's kinda old.


                  Guess I must buy me a newer one.