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    How do I get Streamclip AVI files that were saved without first installing Quicktime ALternative 1.81 to play in Premiere Elements 11?


      I had Hi-8 "home movie" tapes transferred to mp4 files. To pull many short clips from these long files, I used MPEG Streamclip 1.2. The default save for these short clips was mp4. Either they didn't work in Adobe Premiere Elements 11 or I thought they wouldn't -- I can't recall now -- so I saved each clip as AVI. These AVI files won't play at all in Premier Elements. I Googled for advice and found that I needed to convert to Quicktime Alternate 1.81. I fear this had to be done before I saved the clips, but I didn't realize that. Still, I just now uninstalled Quicktime 7 and installed Quicktime 1.81, then tried converting the AVI clips files, first back to MP4 (didn't work at all in PE11) and then to MOV (only played audio). The AVI files play fine in Windows Media Player and VLC.  All I have are the original files saved as AVI in Streamclip. Is there any way to get these to play and be editable in Premiere Elements 11? I've attached a jpeg capture of a gspot readout for one of these files. THANKS!


      gspot avi diagnostic image.jpg