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    Lightroom cant import catalog (No photo's found)

    Samuel Bignell

      So at this stage for the 3rd time in a year still being messed over.

      I was on holiday in wales and i used a mac laptop with a 1TB drive to store my photo's, used lightroom to look at and edit some images that i liked.

      I now have put all my photo's and video on my main pc however i have no edits or data because i have not got the catalog across.

      But i keep hitting this wall. It's like the catalog simply cant find the photo's.


      They were in (Seagate (I:)>Holiday) In there are folders corresponding the the camera used for the shots. (Canon 60D) (GoPro3+)

      Now on my pc there in (Video (V:)>Film & Photo's 2014+) (Canon 60D) (GoPro3+)


      I simply want my photo's with my edits bound into one catalog.


      I'm so stuck please help.

      NOTE: If i open the catalog up it still sees all the edits that i like.