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    LR5 Book Module, Page Number Incorrect


      I applied page numbers to my book, starting on page 1, and I applied the Page Number Style Globally.

      On pages 6 and 7, I have a two-page photo spread and the page numbers correctly say 6 and 7.

      Using exactly the same two-page photo layout on pages 18 and 19, the page numbers say 20 and 19.  Pages numbers on the real page 20, and right to the end of the book, are correct.

      How can I get page 18 to read 18?  I have already removed the page numbers and re-applied them, starting on page 1.  The error appeared again in exactly the same place.

      Thank you for your help.  This problem is quite frustrating!

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          web-weaver Level 5

          I've had "strange occurrences' with page numbers, too but not exactly the same problem you describe.

          I have come to the conclusion that editing page numbers can occasionally create a corruption on one page of the book that can be eliminated only by deleting the corrupted page.

          Try this:

          First make a duplicate of your book for future reference by right-clicking on the book-name in the Collections page of the Book Module.

          Then - in your original book - delete the page that is incorrectly numbered.

          Then recreate the page from scratch using the corresponding page in the duplicate as your plan for the layout.


          To avoid such mishaps I do the page numbering as the last step in creating a book.


          Note: The corruption does not necessarily "sit" on the page with the wrong number. It could "sit" on any page of the book.

          If deleting the page with the wrong number does not help, you have to go through your pages one-by-one in this way:

          After creating your duplicate book delete page 1 of your original. If this does allow you to number the pages correctly the corruption was on page 1.

          If you cannot number correctly re-insert page 1 by pressing Ctrl / Cmd. + Z repeatedly until the page appears again.

          Then delete page 2 and continue as with page 1; and so on through the whole book until you have deleted the corrupted page. You'll know this because you can number correctly when the corrupted page has been deleted.

          Tedious, yes. But it's the only way I've found. I just hope you don't have 240 pages.

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            J-McLatchie Level 1

            Thank you, web-weaver.  Your first solution worked very well for me.  I checked all the subsequent pages and the corruption in page numbers did not simply move along. 

            I appreciate your suggestion of adding page numbers as the last step.  I think that's wise.