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    Issues importing photos into lightroom 5.6

    Epstein Photography

      Hello All,  I would very much appreciate any assistance in figuring out my issue of not being able to import new photos after having used LR for years with almost 6000 photos in my LR catalogue.  It looks like the images are coming in and then it gives me a number of the images (all of them) that are not able to import.  I tried using a new, empty catalogue as well as importing my old photos into a new catalogue, and in both cases had the same problem.  I am shooting with a Fuji XT1 both RAW and JPG and none of the images come in, yet they had been importing with no issue up until recently. I tried uploading the photos from a card reader, then I copied the images onto my desktop, tried that, and then I put the disc directly into the slot on my Macbook Pro, and it hasn't worked from any of those sources.  The only thing that is different is that I recently purchased a new Apple thunderbolt monitor, but I disconnected that and tried to upload directly onto my Macbook Pro and it still wouldn't import the new photos.  Could you kindly offer me any suggestions of what I might be able to do to remedy this situation?  Thanks!