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    InDesign CC 2014 Crashing and Losing Preferences and Default Settings

    TL Price Level 1

      I'm having a problem that every time my InDesign CC 2014 crashes it resets all my preferences. I'm dealing with some old docs and it's causing a lot of glitching and it's starting to really drive me up the wall. I had this problem in CS6 and it seemed fixed in CC but now it's back.


      I know that I can migrate settings, but this is an annoying and time consuming fix. I have to close the doc and restart the application. Doing this 4 or 5 times an hour is enough to make a person switch back to Quark (not quite, but almost).


      I've tried to Sync my settings with the Cloud, but all I get is an error message.


      I dumped my SavedDate and Defaults files, but the problem persists.


      I really need a fix for this problem.


      My next step is uninstalling InDesign CC 2014 and doing a fresh install, but I really don't want it to go that far.


      Thanks for any help on this,