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    Adobe Photoshop CC Crashing On Startup

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      I just downloaded Photoshop CC today, and every time I try to open it, it loads, loads, 2 seconds after it opens up, it crashes. Now, I did find a way to bypass this, I don't know what key combination I did but it said open file, and as I uploaded a file, it said do you want to save your work before Photoshop exits. But what's strange is that a window pops up after the crash and says License Or Continue with trial. It happens after every crash. I looked EVERYWHERE (believe me, everywhere) on the internet and I tried these methods without success:


      Pressing Ctrl, Shift, Alt key on startup

      Relogging into Adobe cloud

      Updating Graphics card driver

      Deleting preferences file manually, but strangely, there is no preference file, there isn't even a "Photoshop" folder

      Reinstalled Adobe cloud and Photoshop like 12 times (and used the adobe install cleaner tool

      Renaming the cache file


      PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          MysticMC4TW Level 1

          Saw this fix in another thread. Needless to say it worked. THANK YOU.

          I think I have a possible fix for you. All of my CC 2014 applications were crashing, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. I update graphics drivers, emptied the SLCache folder, everything that was mentioned in this thread I did, including uninstalling all CC apps, running the CC Cleaner tool and re-installing Photoshop CC 2014. I was still crashing after the splash screen.


          What got it to work for me was allowing full control to the SLCache folder. Here is what I was told to do.

          1. Navigate to "Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\SLCache"

          2. Delete all of the contents of this folder, including hidden files.

          3. Go up one level to "Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe"

          4. Right click on the SLCache folder, go to properties.

          5. On the General tab, make sure "Read Only" in not checked.

          6. Under the Security tab, click "Edit..."

          7. Highlight "Users" in the Group or user names box.

          8. Make sure the "Full Control" permission is Allowed (checked).

          9. Do the same for "Administrators" and "SYSTEM" selections as well. (I went ahead and made sure every group/user in that list was allowed full control.)

          10. Click Apply, Ok for the two dialog boxes.

          11. Open your program and see the issue is resolved.


          That got at least Photoshop CC 2014 working. I am currently downloading Illustrator to see if that will work as well. I will report back if not. Thanks to Manoj Kumar for the help through Adobe Chat help.