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    Lightroom 5 Time Lapse Issues


      So I have Lightroom 5.xxx, 64-bit. I have the Time Lapse presets.


      I have a tine lapse that I am putting together of over 4000 images. Today I exported it as 1080p video (I have done this successfully before at lower resolutions). It took a while for obvious reasons, but when it finished, the video had major problems. It didn't play smoothly. It would pause for long durations on certain images and not go through some of the others. Essentially getting stuck. When I say pause, I don't me the video itself paused, I mean that the images stopped flowing through smoothly. It did this countless times throughout the video. It gave me the impression that the computer/software had a hard time compiling such a large file (~400mb). I know it wasn't the computer, I have a custom built machine and everything on it is screaming fast. When the video was exporting I was watching my CPU and RAM usage and they didn't come close to maxxing out.


      Am I explaining my problem clearly? Any ideas on what the issue could be?