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    Popup graphics do not appear

      I have a number of HTML projects created in the previous version of RoboHelp HTML. They use icons to represent graphics that will pop-up when the user selects them. This allows better utilization of space since the page isn't taken up with screenshots, yet the user can easily view them by selecting the icon representation. In previous versions of RoboHelp HTML this feature worked fine. For some reason it does not seem to work in HTML 6. Here is some of the things I have tried to verify that it is an HTML 6 issue :

      1. Published a CHM file and viewed it on a different system, the pop-up graphics work fine. So I assume this is not a baggage file issue.
      2. View previous versions of the same project published in an earlier version of RoboHelp (HTML 5 I guess) and it works fine in the browser. So I assume this is not a browser settings issue.
      3. Used the "View Selected Item" (the glasses icon) to view the page, the Popup works fine in the window created.

      When viewing the published document, here is the error I get in the status bar when selecting the icon to display the pop-up image :
      "Error on page"

      I have attached the code for the pop-up icon if you would like to view it.

      Anyone else experience this problem? any recommendations?