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    No upgrade path from RH 9 to RH 11 for Australian customers?

    NickShears Level 1
      • I want to upgrade my RoboHelp 9 to RoboHelp 11.
      • I'm an Australian, in Australia (although working for an American company).
      • The Adobe site therefore shows me an adobe/au page with upgrade eligibility details,
      • which says its possible for $599:
      • But if I go to the page to actually purchase the upgrade, the "I own" drop-down list gives only RH 10 as an option, not RH 9.
      • A telephone conversation with an Adobe person confirmed that RH10 to RH11's the only upgrade route available for Australian customers!
      • If I was in the U.S, I could upgrade form RH 9.


      Has anyone found a way around this? I seem to have three options:

      1. Buying RoboHelp 11 at full price as if I were a new customer and hadn't been using it for a few years, or
      2. moving to the U.S., or
      3. buying a competitor's product?

      (I'm ignoring the option of pretending to be in the U.S., because that wouldn't be honest)