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    Is it possible to use the same adobe edge animation in the same page?


      I am new to adobe edge and want to know if it is possible to use the same animation more than once in the same page?

      What I mean here is I have parent div elements that hold each animation and I put a display:none style on each div page that I want to hide and then remove it when I want to show the animation.

      So I have the following:

      <!-- Adobe Edge animation --->
      <div style="display:none">
      <!-- Adobe Edge animation (same as above)--->

      I alternate between the two divs setting the style and removing it. Since my animations are the same the reason I am doing this is I am using angularjs to inject in my data so that each animation plays with different data.

      What I am seeing is the last animation is shown and runs but only the CSS is shown for the first animation as it does not play.

      I think this is because JQuery is used to target specific elements and as we now have duplicates (same animation), the last animation is played.

      Is there a way I can overcome this?

      Can I modify the edge scripts generated to target only the elements which do not have the parent div without a class 'style:none'?