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    Avid codec pink/green issue in After Effects CC

    Ju magoo

      Hi there.


      We're in the process of upgrading to CC at work and are running an Avid based edit to graphics pipeline. Currently our editors export to Avid mpeg 50 which works without any issues in AE CS5 - when we bring the same footage into AE CC it comes in garbled, split into pink/green colours, squashed to half screen and in the wrong aspect ratio. It's like the metadata in the file is not being interpreted correctly and telling AE to do weird things.

      I am still in the process of testing at my end to find out if other avid based codecs are affected.


      I've attached a screenshot to demonstrate what is happening:


      We're running OSX 10.8.3 on Mac Pros.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as its preventing us from rolling out CC at the moment.