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    Please help, can not apply texture to model!!!

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      I've got from designer an w3d-file with an modelresource in it.
      I create a model from it and try to set the shader texture (Property
      inspector, Tab 3DModel) per entering the name of some bitmap castmember

      But the model doesn't get the texture as desired. It becomes just a litlle
      brown (the background of texture-bitmap is brown), but the content of the
      picture is not seen

      When I create standard #box modelresource and then create a model from it
      and set the shader texture through the property inspector - everything is OK
      I see the picture on model sides.

      Why do I not see the texture on custom model?

      Is the problem in model (w3D file) or am I doing something wrong?

      Any help will be appreciated

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          tedalde2 Level 2
          You might need to set the textureModeList property of the shader to something other than #none. You may also need to scale, rotate, and translate the texturetransformlist property, and rotate the wraptransformlist property. Lots of things to adjust when texturing a custom model! It depends on how your model is shaped and created.

          Also set the blendfunctionlist property to #replace if lighting is poor so you can see the image easier while positioning it.
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            duckets Level 1
            Could you upload the w3d file so we can look at it?

            From the description, it sounds like the designer has not assigned UV mapping coordinates to the model, so what your seeing is probably the colour of one pixel from one corner of your texture image.

            - Ben