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    "Convert to DNG" vs "Copy as DNG" results in different file size (DMG bigger than original RAW)



      i'm using LR5.6 on Win7 and Fuji camera. Fuji uses uncompressed RAW files, each file is exactly 24MB. I have tried to convert it to DNG via Library>Convert to DNG (no lossy compression, not emdedding original RAW) and the resulting file size is about 16-18MB each file. It was ok for me, so i started to import files directly as DNGs via "Copy as DNG" option in Import module.

      ...half a year later ...

      I have noticed, the file size of each file is 40-50MB each and i have just wasted around 100Gigs of space, of course deleted original raw files, and i am now stucked with these huge DNG files. I have tried to convert them again via Library module, i have tried to convert them using standalone DNG converter, but these new huge 50MB DNGs will always stay the same size.


      Can anybody explain me, please, why is "Convert to DNG" and "Copy as DNG" different? The resulting 50MB DNGs seems to be pretty much incompressible (i have tried to zip them to check it, resulting in about 5MB size decrease). They do not contain original RAW (nothing can be extracted using standalone DNG converter), so i am pretty much lost where does the size come from?


      Can anything be done, except to reconvert DNGs with lossy compression?


      Thank you,