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    sasa wqwqw

      hellow i have a problem . 1st sorry for my english it's not perfect . but i dont know where i should to go . ion


      I wanted to render my animation on Friday. because of that it was the weekend left it on Monday.


      Before an exit looking at the preview was ok.


      In Monday including preview files in AI began to shake. But only when the camera moves you know what I mean?

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          gwenne84 Level 1

          Hallo sasa wqwqw,


          do you mean jittering? Jumping back and forth.

          Is your final render an interlaced or progressive Quicktime movie? Or a picture-sequence

          What kind of file are you trying to render out?


          If interlaced, check the field options in the render queque under render settings > field render > upper/lower field. Maybe you gave the render engine the wrong order.

          Germany for example uses upper/uneven field first.

          How did you check your renderings? Reimporting into After effects or playback via an external video player?


          Greetings Gwen

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            sasa wqwqw Level 1

            I worked it out that turning a Ai files for PSD, but I wonder why it happened .