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    black backgrounds, flickering and disappearing elements in google chrome

    troubleseeker Level 1

      I am working on a complex animation in Edge Animate with a lot of elements (mostly .svg) and movement. I had trouble with disappearing elements in chrome and opera, but NO other main browser (it also works fine in chrome canary, an experimental browser). I got rid of most of the suddenly disappearing elements and some other minor bugs with grouping elements together, move some groups or single elements to the foreground/background, I also took some static non-moving elements and converted them into a single .png which I moved to the background. This solution: Re: The Strange Case OF Disappearing Elements! in combination with manually changing the z-index of some elements was also helpful.


      Now, I´m facing a new problem with chrome: The background of the animation is flickering (it should be plain white) or is just black. Also, if you scroll down, it changes the background from white to black or vice versa. I tried some workarounds, like, making the background of the animation transparent and placing a white div behind it and some other things like that. The animation itself (published on a ftp-server) works fine, but since I embedded it in an iframe-tag, I experienced this issue.


      I really don´t know how to change the browser´s behaviour, does anybody have a clue or knows a possible workaround? Also, could it be, that with one of the coming chrome updates, this problem no longer exists? I´d appreciate any help.

      You can see my animation here: http://bleib.in/


      greets, adrian