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    Upgrade standalone copy of Lightroom instead of creative cloud?


      I have been an active user of Lightroom for a while, I am a hobbyist(non-professional) photographer.

      I own a copy of Lightroom version 3.

      When I bought my Nikon D610. I found that I have to upgrade to Lightroom version 5.x


      But I was shocked to see that, there is practically no way for me to buy(upgrade) a standalone copy of Lightroom.

      Where ever I go it brings me back to that subscription buy page.

      Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 13.12.41.png

      Would some one point me whether I can still buy a standalone version of Lightroom and not subscription(I hate them honestly)


      If there is no way, then I have to search for alternatives to Lightroom.


      Sadly, I still love Lightroom badly I don't wanna miss it.