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    Topic converts to book in merged TOC

      So, I have two HTMLHelp projects, A and B. I'm trying to include B in A's Table of Contents - here's where I am:

      B is created and appears correctly when viewed alone. At the top level of the TOC is a book (which links to topic B1). Within that book are topics B1.1 and B1.2 and a book (linked to topic B1.3) which contains some other topics.

      Before including B in project A's TOC, A looks fine. It has books A1 and A2 with several layers of books and topics inside each.

      I am trying to insert B into A's TOC, as the first item within book A1. This seems to work fine, except that the TOC within the inserted B project changes. B1.1 is now a book instead of a single topic, and B1.2 and B1.3 are within that book.

      I have tried changing the order of topics within B and it doesn't help - whichever topic is listed first within book B1 turns into a book, and all other topics get moved into it.

      Does anyone know how I can fix this? If what I'm asking isn't clear, I can email a couple of screenshots that should help to explain things.