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    Wrong numbering in the Table of Contents


      Hi there,


      I've got a problem with the numbering in the table of contents.

      The initial situation:

      I have a document with several chapters and subchapters. The content of the document is not in one text frame - there are also some Incopy-files, which are referenced into the document. The incopy-files contain reuseable content and they are linked in other documents as well. The page-layout is based on two columns.


      Now the problem:

      I place a Incopy-file with a numbered heading in the left column. In the right column starts a new text frame with a new heading of a new chapter. When I now generate the table of contents the numbers of the Incopy-file in the left column appear in the TOC after the last numbered heading in the right column.

      Why does the numbering not work appropriate?


      Here's a short picture that shows the problem.


      The green dotted arrow shows where the headings should actually be.

      This is a very complex problem and I couldn't find any workaround which solves the problem. All workarounds cause again other problems...