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    I want to save data from the form to database?

    bharathi_reddy Level 1

      Hi All,


      I have a form which is designed using Adobe LiveCycle DesignerES2. And i want to save data which users enters in to form using Adobe LiveCycle WorkSpace. I have created a process which is used to store data to data base.Here is the screen shot.Here data base is Oracle 10g. and used Adobe LiveCycle WorkbenchES2 for designing process.


      On qrFndAppr i have written insert SQL statement.


      INSERT INTO TABLE1 VALUES('{$ /process_data/@column1 $}',

      '{$ /process_data/@column2$}','{$ /process_data/@column3$}',

      '{$ /process_data/@column4$}','{$ /process_data/@column5$}',

      '{$ /process_data/@column6$}','{$ /process_data/@column7$}')


      In this first four columns are string (DB- Varchar(255),and fifth column is INT(DB-Number) , and another two columns are date (DB- Varchar(255).


      I am able to insert the data into data base but i am getting the error message as invalid SQL statement.


      Please help me how i can resolve the exception !!!!!!!!!!