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    Failed To Register


      I have Windows XP/IE 8 and when I try to install Adobe Flash Player, I get a failed to register error...when I try to download it directly from the site, I get an Active X failed to register error and also get a window that says I am trying to install a version that is lower than the existing version...please help.

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Using IE8, please go to helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html and click the 'Check Now' button.  This will detect which version of Flash Player you have installed and display the version.  If the version you are trying to install is lower than this you'll need to first uninstall Flash Player, using the standalone uninstaller, posted at Uninstall Flash Player | Windows, and then install the version you are trying to install.




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            LeeShuff Level 1

            This didn't work; I uninstalled the existing flash player, then tried installing a new version...everything was fine until the very end, when it said "Failed To Register".  I tried using the MSI installer...this ran fine, then at the very end it gave me an Error 1722:  There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  This has happened to me twice before when I got a notice that a Flash Player update was available;  I believe last time the MSI installer/downloading directly from the link worked fine...not sure what is going one here now...do I need to put an older version of Flash Player on my computer since it is XP/IE 8.  I've also gotten the "Active X failed to register" before also.  This is a real problem as I am not able to view videos...YouTube, etc.

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              LeeShuff Level 1

              I finally got it to work; I found a link (MSI Installer for Flash Player 14/Active X) and it installed fine and all the videos/YouTube, etc. work fine now...thanks for your help.