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    Indexing formal/proper names that have multiple references?


      Hello! I'm finishing up a 700+ page book about the Civil War and now I have to create an index. I have predetermined list of topics and have a good grasp of how to create the index. My problem is that this book is full of formal/proper names of Captains, Sergeants, Lieutenants, etc. How do I add the formal name reference for the same name that appears throughout the whole book? Example: Capt.Wiiliam S. Fish appears repeatedly throughout the first 300 pages. Do I have to Find/Search his name and apply the quick key "Shift+Command+Option+]" to ALL instances of this name to have it appear correctly in the index by last name? Is there an "Add All" feature for adding formal/proper names? Or will I have to "Add All" Capt. William S. Fish, have it indexed under "Fish" then manually go in and change the index to Fish, William S.? I'm trying to find the fastest way possible to do this since I have about 100 names to add like this. Any suggestions? I noticed most of the indexing questions were left unanswered…yahoo!