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    Traveling, LR5, Laptop and External HDD


      Hello Experts,


      I am reasonably new to LR5 and want to know if what I WANT to do will actually work in real life...


      I have an external HDD with my images and file structure that which LR5 references. Currently this is hooked up to a Mac Mini, but I am interested in swapping out to a laptop instead.


      What I would like to do is travel with the laptop, shoot and import my photos into LR5 while on the road. Maybe make some edits (LR and PS), rate, and the usual stuff. Then when I return to the house to hook up the external drive and have all the photos, edits, etc., copy over automatically as if this was all done while sitting in the office.


      Is this a realistic dream?


      Thanks for any help and advice.

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          Hayhill Level 2

          I think it will work except the automatic part. I use a MBP for both a home desktop and a travel laptop. At home it is tethered to a Thunderbolt display, which is in turn connected to a 2 gig thunderbolt HD, where all of my photographs live. The LR catalog is on the MBP SSD, all of which are backed up. When I leave home I work solely on the MBP,importing new photos onto the internal SSD. I do what edits I want there. When I get home I drag and drop the new folder from the SSD to the external HD (very important to do this inside of LR). It is very fast and very easy and no need to "export as catalog" etc. I usually don't carry the ext HD with me for several reason, but certainly could if need be.

          Good luck