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    Working in Lighroom on two computers (synced with Creative Cloud files).

    adamissosmrt Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm sure this question has been addressed before but I haven't been able to find a relevant discussion on the forums, so hopefully someone can help out.


      After I shoot a series of photos (e.g. on a trip or for work) I use Lightroom for my workflow. Rating, flagging, etc. prior to editing (simple edits in LR and then advanced retouching in Photoshop). I have traditionally done all of this on one computer with one LR catalog, and only one computer needs to have a full catalog on it at the end of the day (not both).


      Really, the only thing that needs to sync is the metadata (XMP's are fine) and any changes to the original files (e.g. if I edit one in Photoshop). I have a full CC membership at my disposal, as well as things like Dropbox, Cubby, etc.. Here's what I thought about doing, please let me know what you think or if there's a better way in your mind:


      1. Create folder on Computer A in the Creative Cloud folder (or Dropbox, or whatever).

      2. Import photos to LR catalog on Computer A.

      3. Import synced photos to (separate) LR catalog on Computer B.

      4. Work on either computer independently, as XMP's and file changes should be synced after working with files.

      5. When finished, move folder on Computer A to its rightful place in my albums folder. (Use LR to move the folder so the catalog stays updated).

      6. Delete folder/catalog entry on Computer B.


      Does this work? If I want to use Lightroom Mobile (sync with my iPad) how will that affect this workflow?


      Thanks all!