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    Rendering png/jpg sequence into one png/jpg file



      does anyone know how can i render animation as image sequence (png or jpg) and get 1 big png/jpg file?

      frames can be saved vertically or horizontally.

      what i would like to get is : http://oi62.tinypic.com/2wp7csh.jpg

      can this be done automatically in AE somehow( option,script,plugin, external software)?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's not an image sequence, it's a filmstrip.

          I would render your project to an image sequence. Make sure your master or render comp is the same width you want your filmstrip.

          1. Now import your images as footage, not as an image sequence to After Effects (you can do something similar in Photoshop)
          2. Select your entire image sequence and then go to File>New Comp from Selected and choose single composition.
          3. This should give you your entire image sequence in a composition with the images in the proper order. If the order is wrong, then start over selecting the first image in the sequence first and then shift select the last image
          4. Now you need to change the size of your composition by going to Composition Settings (Ctrl/Cmnd + K) and the advanced tab. Click on the center top box in the Anchor selector
          5. Now go to the Basic tab, make sure that Lock Aspect Ratio is not selected and select height
          6. Use the arrow key to move to the end of the height size and type in * and the number of images in the sequence (IOW 640*20)
          7. Go return to your composition and add this expression to the position property of the top layer:

          h = thisComp.height;

          n = thisComp.numLayers;

          y = height/n * index;

          x = thisComp.width/2;

          tempY = n - (height/2);

          y = tempY + index * height;

          [x, y]


          Or select all your layers and apply this animation preset

          When your composition is complete save any frame as a PSD file using Composition>Save Frame as Photoshop Layers or Save Frame as File


          Your'e done.

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            Daimioxl Level 1


            that's exactly what i need

            i had a little problem finding "add expression" option, since i've never used it. But uncle google helped me there.


            Thank you,

            that helped me a lot.